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Flashlight Pressure Test: Crazy Crushing by a large Truck!



The Flashlight Pressure Test by a Truck is a little-known & crazy test! we can visually determine the yield strength of flashlight by this way. It's simple: a truck compresses the flashlight, and if it doesn't break, then it's good on compressive strength. As what we expect, after crushing by the truck for several times, our high power flashlight still remained intact and keep bright. 

We're sure that you won't find another flashlight with the high intensity of ours. Our flashlights are made with durable materials(6061-T6 aluminum alloy) to last through any adventure. We have the brightest LEDs that will never need replacing. For this testing, we use our C8 series rechargeable flashlights as the test subject, and proved how indestructible our flashlights are, attached the testing data below for your reference:

Testing Data of C8 Series Flashlight Overview


Battery1400 mAh1700 mAh1700 mAh2000 mAh4000 mAh
Size133*40*26mm150*45*27 mm150*45*27 mm158*45*27 mm167*45*30 mm
Weight110g148g152 g158 g184 g


                                                                                5 modes: high, middle, low, strobe, sos
Recharge WayUSB
Runtime2-7 hours2.5-8 hours2.3-6 hours1.5-5 hours3.5 hours
Yield Strength250Mpa245Mpa248Mpa239Mpa242Mpa

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