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Survival Test of Tactical Flashlight: Escape by Breaking Windows


Tactical Flashlights are often used as a portable source of light for people in the dark. But we're sure that you can make the best use of our tactical flashlight on emergency occasions, especially in seeking survival by breaking windows, so the video outlines an experiment for survival on emergency. As you can see, just hold the handle of the flashlight firmly, and then break the window glass with the head of the flashlight,  be careful to protect your eyes and hands from the glass splinters when you are seeking survival with our flashlight.

Application of Tactical Flashlight

  • 1. Seeking survival from windows: A rollover or other accident occurred when driving on a highway or mountain road;

  • 2. Outdoor adventure activities: doing science research in caves, climbing mountains, asking for rescue in an isolated island;

  • 3. Defend against attacks: use strong light and a hard flashlight head to resist malicious attacks from others;

  • 4. Others emergency environment.

Material of Tactical Flashlight

Our tactical flashlight shell is made of 6061-T6 aviation aluminum, which has an ultimate tensile strength of at least 290 MPa (42 ksi) and yield strength of at least 240 MPa.  This 6061-T6 aluminum is also used for bicycle frames and components, helicopter rotor components, Fire Department rescue ladders, and more. For more details, please check our Catalog of Tactical Flashlight.

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