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SUPERFIRE HL71 led zoomable headlamp
zoomable headlamp (MOQ for OEM logo on this lamp is 500pcs)
Brightness 500Lumens
Power source 15W
Material Aluminum alloy
Size 40*55mm
Net weight 160g
Waterproof IP3X
Runtime About 4.5H
Charging time About 4H
Charging port Type-c
Distance 300m
Battery capacity 18650/2*1400mAh
Focus function YES
Induction function YES
Modes 5mode(Strong Light-Medium light- Low Light-Strobe-SOS-Off)

SUPERFIRE HL71 LED Zoomable Headlamp

With an impressive 500 lumens, this headlamp offers exceptional visibility in various environments. The 15W power source ensures a brilliant, well-defined beam that covers a distance of up to 300 meters.Equipped with a focus function, the HL71 allows you to adjust the beam according to your needs, catering to both near and far illumination requirements. The spotlight’s long irradiation distance and the floodlight’s wide coverage area make it suitable for a myriad of tasks.The HL71 comes with an upgraded wick, producing a round, even light spot without grating, significantly improving the visual experience and eliminating glare.Featuring a high-elasticity headlamp belt and an adjustable holder, the HL71 ensures a comfortable fit for extended wear. The balanced weight distribution design minimizes pressure on the head, making it comfortable to wear for extended periods.With five lighting modes - Strong Light, Medium Light, Low Light, Strobe, and SOS - the HL71 adapts to various scenarios, from intense illumination to emergency signaling.Using a Type-C port for charging, the HL71 comes with a detachable 18650 battery that can be recharged up to 500 times, ensuring long-term, reliable performance. The charging indicator keeps you informed about the battery status.Crafted from durable aluminum alloy, the HL71 is designed to withstand various conditions. Its adjustable lamp holder widens the irradiation range, making it suitable for a wide range of activities, from outdoor adventures to professional tasks.

1.Exceptional Brightness

2.Zoomable for Versatile Use

3.Enhanced Visual Experience

4.Comfortable and Adjustable Design

5.Multi-Mode Functionality

6.Convenient and Durable Charging

7.Robust Build and Wide Applicability

Brightness: 500Lumens

Power source: 15W

Material: Aluminum alloy

Size: 40*55mm

Net weight: 160g

Waterproof: IP3X

Runtime: About 4.5H

Charging time: About 4H

Charging port: Type-c

Distance: 300m

Battery capacity: 18650/2*1400mAh 

Focus function: YES

Induction function:YES

Modes: 5mode(Strong Light-Medium light- Low Light-Strobe-SOS-Off)

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