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SUPERFIRE M9-E bright portable searchlight
M9-E bright portable searchlight
Light source Luminus SST-40-N4
Brightness 775 lumens
Power 10w
Weight 493g
Power source built-in 18650/1500mAh*4 batteries
Runtime 5H
Distance 473meters
Modes 5 modes (High>Med>Low>Strobe>SOS)
Side light mode strong light-weak light-red flash

SUPERFIRE M9-E Bright Portable Searchlight

At the heart of the M9-E is the high-intensity Luminus SST-40-N4 LED, which delivers a stunning 775 lumens of brightness. This powerful 10W LED ensures you have a dependable light source for any situation, from camping under the stars to navigating through the darkness.The M9-E offers 5 distinct lighting modes, including High, Medium, Low, Strobe, and SOS. Whether you need a strong beam to cut through the night or a gentle glow for ambient lighting, this searchlight has you covered. It even features a side light mode with strong light, weak light, and red flash options for added versatility.The M9-E is thoughtfully designed with practical features. It comes with a glare switch for quick adjustments, a storage box switch for your convenience, and a built-in hanging hook for versatile placement options. The grip/storage slot ensures easy handling, while the power display switch and battery reminder keep you informed about the battery status.With its daily life waterproof rating, you don't have to worry about a little rain or water splashes during your journey.Powered by a built-in battery pack consisting of four 18650 batteries with a total capacity of 1500mAh, the M9-E offers a runtime of up to 5 hours, ensuring you have ample illumination time. The USB charging and discharging feature allows you to easily recharge the searchlight, making it an eco-friendly and cost-effective lighting solution.With an impressive beam distance of 473 meters, the M9-E searchlight can pierce through the darkness and provide you with a clear line of sight, helping you find your way, spot potential dangers, or signal for help in emergencies.

1.Unmatched Brightness and Versatility

2.Multiple Lighting Modes for Every Occasion

3.Adapt to various scenarios with ease

4.Practical Design for Convenience

5.Robust and Reliable Construction

6.USB Rechargeable and Long-Lasting

Light source:  Luminus SST-40-N4

Brightness: 775 lumens 

Power: 10w

Weight: 493g



Power source: built-in 18650/1500mAh*4 batteries

Runtime: 5H

Distance: 473meters

Modes:  5 modes (High>Med>Low>Strobe>SOS)

Side light mode: strong light-weak light-red flash

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