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SUPERFIRE A20 Tactical Super Bright Flashlight
21700/18650/3AAA Battery all can be useful,type-c rechargeable,equipped with waist clip and portable tail rope,high bright EDC portable tactical flashlight
Brightness 1700Lumens
Size 128*27*27mm
power 20W
Distance 300m
Weight 70 g
Material aluminum alloy
Light color White
Waterproof grade IP44
Battery 21700/4000mAh
Charging port Type-C
Runtime about 6-7.5H
Charging time about 7H
modes Low-Medium-Strong-Strobe-SOS/extremely high(double click)

SUPERFIRE A20 Tactical Super Bright Flashlight

The A20 can be powered by 21700, 18650, or 3AAA batteries, ensuring that you can always find a suitable power source, no matter where you are. For added convenience, it's also equipped with a Type-C rechargeable port, making it easy to charge using various devices such as charging heads, computers, and power banks.The flashlight boasts an intelligent gear memory function. Simply press any gear for 2 seconds to turn it off, and when you turn it back on, it will remember your last selected brightness level, saving you time and effort.With an upgraded premium wick, the A20 delivers an astonishing 1700 lumens of light. This means a full moon spot, clear vision, and novisible grille. The light spot is even, and the visual effect is exceptional. The A20 offers a remarkable illumination range of up to 300 meters, making it perfect for those times when you need to see distant objects or explore the great outdoors. Its super-intensity lighting can be activated with a simple double-click, and you can easily cycle through different brightness modes by clicking the button.Crafted from high-quality aluminum alloy, the A20 is built to withstand the rigors of everyday use. It's also rated with an IP44 waterproof grade, ensuring it can handle various weather conditions.The A20 comes with five layers of protection, including anti-reverse connection, low-pressure reminder, anti-overcharge, over-discharge prevention, and low-voltage shutdown. The A20 is a compact and lightweight powerhouse, measuring just 128x27x27mm and weighing only 70g. It's easy to carry with its standard waist clip and portable tail rope, making it a perfect EDC (Everyday Carry) companion. 


















1.Exceptional Battery Compatibility

2.Intelligent Gear Memory

3.Superior Brightness

4.Long-Range Illumination

5.Robust and Durable

6.Safety First

7.Compact and Convenient

Brightness: 1700Lumens

Size: 128*27*27mm

power: 20W

Distance: 300m

Weight: 70 g

Material: aluminum alloy

Light color: White 

Waterproof grade: IP44

Battery: 21700/4000mAh

Charging port: Type-C

Runtime: about 6-7.5H

Charging time: about 7H

modes: Low-Medium-Strong-Strobe-SOS/extremely high(double click)

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