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Brand Promotion Video - Headlamp Series


SUPERFIRE, founded in 2008, located in Shenzhen,  is a high-tech company that integrat R&D, production and sales.we specialize  in lighting products,Our products can reach the needs of high, medium and normal markets,covers more than 100 countries and regions around the world.We have a professional technology team and have developed a solid reputation in all over the world for more than 10 years, and  favored by customers in different industries.

What's our solutions for Dealers and Buers?

  • 1.Home & Outdoor Professional Lighting Tools

Our flashlight is widely used for diferent occasions, whether you are in home or outdoor. For example, many worker need to work at night, and they take a headlamp for getting light at dark area, our sensor headlamp will help them a lot, because they just need turning their head slightly when they need both of two hands for working. Besides, we're sure you must be benefitcial from our work lights, when checking the engine of your cars at your home. Many people will ask why don't i just use a phone light for that? The anwer is the same, it'll make your hands getting rid of holding the phone continuously, and your phone will be overheated under the flashlight mode.

  • 2.Rechargeable & Environment-friendly Energy

All our flashlight is work with rechargeable batteries and charger, compared to the traditional batteries, the upgrade Lithium batteries is environment-friendly, and you don't need to change them frequently when power bank is poor.

  • 3.Intelligent Lighting with Infrared Sensor

The sensor headlamp is just useful on infrared situation, you can change the light between different modes by waving your hands. And you won't feel uncomfortable if you take it on your head at a long time, due to the lightweight.

  • 4.Fluorescent Detection Lamps(UV Flashlight)

You must know uv light in your life, but uv flashlight should be a creative design. UV flashlight will provide you a healthy living by keeping away from fluorescence. Furthermore, it can also used for cosmetic detection, baby products detection, cash testing, checking pet moss, and jade detection.

  • 5.Battery and Charger Accessoires

If you just need a long-lasting battery or charger without flashlight, we have many options for you. The capacity of our lithium batteries range from 800 mAh to 7500 mAh, which are really durable.  and the charger is used for batteries.

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