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SUPERFIRE Ep01 Is The Safest Flashlight You Can Get
2023-03-17 11:51:24handler

Are you looking for a flashlight that is both durable and safe? Look no further than the SUPERFIRE Ep01 explosion proof flashlight. This flashlight is made out of high-quality materials and is explosion proof so you can be sure it will stand up to any situation. 

What is an explosion proof flashlight?


Explosion proof flashlights are used to provide mobile lighting for fire protection, power, industrial and mining enterprises, and other flammable and explosive places. It is very suitable for all kinds of field operations, such as geological exploration, tourism exploration, border patrol, coastal defense patrol, rescue, and disaster relief, field operations, tunnel operations, airport patrol, railway patrol, archaeological and fire command, criminal investigation, traffic accident handling, power emergency repair, etc.


Summary of Features


Ep01 is one of the best explosion proof flashlights of SUPERFIRE. Here are some features of Ep01:


1. Three level light source mode to meet the needs of different scenes: strong light/medium light/weak light three level light source mode. Press the tail button to open the strong light mode, and gently touch the button adjustment (strong/weak/strobe) to cycle through the three modes in sequence.

2. High density aluminum alloy is used, which is safe and explosion-proof.

3. Diversified charging and easy to use: Micro USB charging interface is provided, which can use charger, charging bank, computer, and other devices to charge the lights.

4. Six safety procedures for more secure use: low voltage reminder, low voltage shutdown, anti-reverse charging, anti-reverse connection, anti-over-discharge, anti overcharge, and other six safety procedures.

5. Small and delicate, easy to carry.

6. Close hat clip design, which can be used as a headlight.




Chemical plants are one of the most dangerous places in the world to work. Every day, workers are exposed to chemicals and other hazardous materials that can cause serious injuries or even fatalities. To prevent explosions in oil depots, liquefied gas and natural gas stations and warehouses with flammable and explosive materials, businesses need access to explosion-proof flashlights capable of illuminating dark environments. SUPERFIRE EP01 is just such a flashlight, and it is perfect for use in chemical plants. If you're looking for an affordable option to protect your employees and keep them safe, look no further than SUPERFIRE EP01. 

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