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Pipeline Explosion Nemesis-SUPERFIRE EP01 Explosion-proof Flashlight
2023-03-17 11:53:37handler

A chemical plant explosion is a tragedy that is staged every day. That's why companies should choose explosion-proof flashlight EP01 to reduce accidents. In this article, we will discuss the difference between explosion-proof flashlights and ordinary flashlights, in what scenarios they are needed, and their characteristics.

The difference between explosion-proof and ordinary flashlights


1. The difference between an explosion-proof flashlight and an ordinary flashlight shell. Explosion proof flashlight using a solid alloy material shell can be impact-resistant, corrosion-resistant, high and low-temperature resistance, non-slip, and have good texture

2. flame retardant materials, explosion-proof flashlight shell using flame retardant materials, the use of the collision will not produce sparks.

3. Waterproof performance differences, explosion-proof flashlight waterproof level is generally above IP66, high waterproof level requirements

4.Explosion-proof flashlight also has an explosion-proof certificate and explosion-proof mark Ex ib IIC T4 GB, and these are ordinary flashlights that do not have.


Application scenarios of explosion-proof flashlights


Explosion proof flashlights are mostly used in oil depots, liquefied gas, natural gas stations, depots with flammable and explosive substances, processing occasions, etc. The intention is to avoid ignition and detonation after bursting, applicable to fire chemical, coal, petroleum, petrochemical power, metallurgy, and other flammable and explosive industries.


Features of explosion-proof flashlights


1. Three light source modes to meet the needs of different scenes: strong light / medium light / low light three light source mode. Press the tail-mounted button to open the strong light gear and light touch to adjust the gear (strong-weak-flash) in a three-mode sequential cycle.

2. Using high-density aluminum alloy, safe and explosion-proof.

3. Diversified charging, easy to use: with a Micro-USB charging interface, you can use chargers, rechargeable batteries, computers, and other devices to charge the lights.

4. Six safety procedures, use more assured: with low voltage reminder, low voltage shutdown, anti-reverse charging, anti-reverse connection, anti-over-discharge, anti-overcharge, and other six safety procedures.

5. Compact shape comes with a fixed clip and can be used with a helmet, and handheld and headwear are suitable.




Accidents happen in any workplace but are especially common in chemical plants. SUPERFIRE EP01 explosion proof flashlight is designed to minimize injuries in these dangerous workplaces. With a bright light that can be seen far away, this flashlight will help keep you and your coworkers safe.

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