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SUPERFIRE G19 Multifunctional Right Angle Flashlight
SUPERFIRE G19 Multifunctional Right Angle Flashlight. SUPERFIRE Best Selling Multifunction Flashlight.For wholesale prices, please contact us.
Multifunction Flashlight
Light source ZT 3535 +COB
Brightness 200 lumens
Power 5w+2w
Weight 104g
Material Aluminium alloy
Size 140*21*21 mm
Power source built-in1*14500 rechargeable Li-ion battery
Runtime 2-5 H
Charging time 2H
Distance 100M
Modes 5 modes(strong light>weak light>white COB light>red COB light>red COB light strobe)

SUPERFIRE G19 Right Angle Flashlight

SUPERFIRE right angle flashlight is a versatile and practical lighting tool designed with a unique ergonomic shape that allows it to be comfortably held at a 90-degree angle to the beam.  This distinctive design offers several advantages, making it a favored choice for a range of activities and professions.

One of the distinctive features of the right-angle flashlight is its flexibility in directing light. The adjustable head can be rotated to point the beam in different directions, making it suitable for tasks that require both forward-facing illumination and lighting from the side. This makes it particularly useful for tasks like reading, working on projects, or inspecting objects in tight or awkward spaces. The hands-free capability of a 90-degree flashlight is a significant advantage. With toughness clip, SUPERFIRE G19 allows you to wear it on your chest and waist; With strong magnetic adsorption, it can leave your hands free to focus on the task at hand. In addition, this flashlight can be used as a cob work light. G19 multifunctional flashlights are favored by professionals such as mechanics, construction workers, and maintenance workers due to their exceptional brightness and versatility. 











  • 1. Magnetic base for free your hand when fixed the car. 

  • 2. 90° adjustable head light angle.

  • 3. COB side light for working or reading.

  • 4. USB cable for self-recharging & usb plug for power bank.

  • 5. 5 Light modes(strong headlight, weak headlight, side white light, side red light, side red light strobe).


G19 Working Light Data Sheet
Light sourceZT 3535 +COB
Theoretical brightness500 lm
Brightness 200 lumens 


MaterialAluminium alloy
Size140*21*21 mm
Power source1*14500 rechargeable Li-ion battery
Battery capability800mAh
Runtime2-5 hours
Distance100 meters
Modes5 modes (strong light>weak light>white COB light>red COB light>red COB light strobe)
Full setflashlight (with buind in battery)+ box

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