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SUPERFIRE D30 solar multifunction flashlights
Solar chrging and safety hammer design
Power source10W
Net weight255g
RuntimeAbout 3H
charging portType-c
distance 146m
light colorwhite light+red light
battery capacitybuilt-in 18650/2000mAh
Modes6mode(Strong Light-Low Light-Strobe-Off/Side strong light - side low light-red and blue Strobe)
Buzzer soundsThere are three different buzzer sounds

SUPERFIRE D30 Solar Multifunction Flashlight

The D30 adopts type-c charging method, built-in 18650/2000mAh battery capacity, battery life can reach 3 hours. In addition, the D30 flashlight is designed with multiple lights, which can be adjusted in cycles (strong light-weak light-strobe-off) and be suitable for a variety of lighting scenarios. The red and blue flashing LED lights on the side are more conspicuous. The aluminum alloy cylinder body realizes the high hardness window breaking hammer, which can break the car window and escape quickly in critical moments. The most important point is the solar panel that can generate electricity, which can be charged when it is illuminated, and the battery life is longer. Besides, it also acts as an emergency warning sound, and has a cutter and magnetic suction function.

1.Press the mode switch button to turn on the headlight, enter the highlight mode, and continue to press to adjust the mode(strong light-low light-strobe light)

2.Long press the mode switch on the side light to turn on the strong light of the side light, continue to press to adjust the low light,press and hold the mode switch again to turn on the red and blue double flashing mode

3.Tungsten steel hammer:in closed environment, high-hardness alloy safety hammer can break the glass quickly and protect your own safety

4.With magnetic suction function:The strong magnet can be absorbed on any mental for hands-free usage, it is convenient when you are working

5.Belt cutter:Cut when working outdoors, cutoff seat belts to escape in times of crisis

6.Equipped with a buzzer:long press the red switch to turn on the buzzer, the buzzer has three warning sounds, turn on the buzzer and then press to switch the sound

7.Diversified charging:it can charge the phone if it runs out of battery.Ensuring communication needs when working outdoors

8.Solar charging:Put it under the sunshine anytime anywhere if convenient,always keep in fully charged, and a steady stream of environmentally friendly electricity makes it bright

9.Multiple usage scenarios:High-quality, high-performance, meet the needs of different scenarios


Power source:10W


Net weight:255g


Runtime:About 3H

charging port:Type-c

distance: 146m

light color:white light+red light

battery capabicity:built-in 18650/2000mAh 

Modes:6mode(Strong Light-Low Light-Strobe-Off/Side red strong light - side red low light-red and blue Strobe)

Buzzer sounds:There are three different buzzer sounds

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