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Energy-efficient and intelligent sensor LED Street Solar Light
Brightness 500lm
Power source 63W
light source2835(white)*126pcs
Color Temperature 8000k
Irradiation Area 50 square meter
Battery 1*32650(5000mAh)
Charging time4H
Modes1 mode (Turn on the lights automatically at night and turn off the lights automatically at dawn)
Full Set Flooding light+remote controller+lamp bracket+solar panel bracket+screw package(including two batteries)+manul+Box

Product Introduction

Superfire is a new generation solar street light, which is a combination of energy-saving and security lighting, integrating energy-saving and intelligent control technologies. Superfire solar street lights can be widely used in the residential district, highway lighting, commercial lighting and industrial lighting. The whole system of the street light is designed to use high quality aluminum alloy materials and advanced PWM power supply technology to ensure its excellent performance in low temperature environment. 

The solar panel light uses a 6 Volt deep-cycle lead-acid battery to store energy. The lights automatically charge the battery at night when there is no sunlight, and discharge the battery during the day to power the light. Its intelligent chip contains 4 independent switches for each LED lamp, this ensures that each lamp works independently without any conflict which improves the service life of LEDs. In addition, it has a motion detector that can detect any movements up to 25meters away from the light, if there is no movement detected after 30 seconds then it will switch off saving energy and contributing to a greener environment.

How to contrl the solar street light by remote?

Press remote control panel ON to turn on the full bright gear, press remote control panel key to adjust the light step by step, press remote control panel key 3H to turn on timing lighting for 3 hours, press remote control panel key 5H to turn on timing lighting for 8 hours, press remote control panel key AUTO to turn on normally, and press remote control panel key OFF to turn off the light source.

1. 100% solar-powered street light;

2. You can control the light by the remote;

3. The LED light has high luminous efficiency, low power consumption, no pollution to the environment;

4. Energy-saving & environment protection, no electric bill!

5. Natural weather-resisting materials are used to ensure a long lifespan;

6. Different solar panel power output is optional for your choice;

7. Energy conservation and environmental protection;

8. Its design life >30 years;

9. Its warranty period is 1 years;

10. Its brightness can be adjustable.


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