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SUPERFIRE L28/X18 pen flashlights
Portable mini five lighting modes AAA battery design
Power source5W
Net weight29g
RuntimeAbout 60 mins
Charging portDry battery
Distance 52m
Battery capacity2*AAA
Modes5modes(Strong Light-Medium Light-Low Light-Strobe-SOS)

SUPERFIRE L28/X18 Portable Led Pen Flashlight    

L28/X18 pen flashlight use aaa battery,pocket clip design easy to carry, suitable for outdoor lighting,camping,emergency,repair...As a mini led handheld pen light,this flashlight is small and light enough to slip into a pocket,you can take it with you,a shape smaller than a writing pen.The waist clip allows users to hang or clip the flashlight onto their clothing or gear, freeing up their hands for other tasks. This feature is especially useful for outdoor activities such as camping and hiking, where users may need to navigate challenging terrain or perform other tasks that require the use of their hands.

1.Light weight:is only 13.4cm and weighs 29g,more convenient to carry out so that being free from your bag or your gear 

2.Compact design:lightweight and portable but has almost one-hour battery life, 121LM brightness, and IP44 waterproof, which attracts many consumers to experience and bring them home

3.Inserted with AAA batteries: can be re-powered and restarted to work at any time

4.Equipped with a waist clip:that provides an additional level of convenience to users

5.Accompany you in different scenes:high-quality, high-performance, meet the needs of different scenarios



Power source:5W


Net weight:29g


Runtime:About 60 mins

Charging port:Dry battery

Distance: 52m

Battery capabicity:2*AAA

Modes:5modes(Strong Light-Medium Light-Low Light-Strobe-SOS)

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