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SUPERFIRE M9-X handheld portable search light
M9-X Rechargeable handheld portable search light
Light source JINGRUI XK
Brightness 440 lumen
Power 9.08 w
Weight 388 g
Material ABS Plastic
Size 200*95*140 mm
Power source built-in 18650/1500 mAh * 2 batteries
Runtime 150 mins
Distance 390 meters
Waterproof IP 31
Modes 5 modes (High>Med>Low>Strobe>SOS)

SUPERFIRE M9-X Rechargeable Handheld Portable Searchlight

With its impressive beam distance of 390 meters, this searchlight can cut through the darkness, offering a clear line of sight even in the most challenging environments.This searchlight is more than just a lighting tool; it's a multi-purpose powerhouse. Equipped with a USB smart charging port and a built-in power bank function, the M9-X lets you charge your electronic devices on the go, ensuring your outdoor travels are as convenient as they are well-illuminated. It's your reliable companion for staying connected, even in the great outdoors.The M9-X is powered by two high-capacity 18650 batteries, offering an impressive runtime of 150 minutes. No need to worry about your light dimming when you need it most. This searchlight will keep you illuminated for extended periods, ensuring you can focus on your tasks or adventures without interruptions.Featuring the JingRui XK power lightwick, the M9-X produces a bright and consistent 440 lumens of light. Whether you're at home during a power outage or in the great outdoors, this searchlight will provide you with the illumination you need to see clearly and get things done.The M9-X is packed with practical design elements. It includes a bottom bracket for added stability during activities like outdoor night fishing, where a steady flashlight is essential. The tail of the searchlight is equipped with a suspension hook, making it convenient for outdoor camping and maintenance tasks, such as car inspections.Keeping track of your battery status is a breeze with the M9-X. It features a power indicator switch at the tail, allowing you to check the battery level with a simple press. Say goodbye to unexpected power outages in the middle of your adventures.Crafted from durable ABS plastic and boasting an IP31 waterproof rating, the M9-X is designed to withstand the demands of outdoor use. It can handle the occasional splashes and rain, so you can trust it to perform in various weather conditions.

1.Wide Field, Long Range Searchlight

2.Multi-Purpose Illumination

3.Durable Runtime

4.Household Highlights with JingRui XK Power Lightwick

5.Practical Design Features

6.Battery Display for Added Convenience

7.Rugged and Reliable Build

M9-X Black Searchlight Data Sheet
Light sourceJINGRUI XK 
Brightness440 lumens
Power 9.08w
MaterialABS Plastic
Power Sourcebuilt-in 18650/1500mAh*2 batteries
Runtime150 mins
Distance390 meters
Size 200mm*95mm*140mm
Modes 5 modes (High>Med>Low>Strobe>SOS)
Full setflashlight+USB cable+box

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