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SUPERFIRE M17 LED Searchlight
power source5W
Net weight325g
Charging time3.5H
Charging portType-C
light colorWhite
Battery capacity18650/2*1200mAh
Modes4modes(Strong light-Low light-Strobe-SOS)

SUPERFIRE M17 LED Rechargeable Searchlight

The M17 boasts an impressive 230 lumens of brightness, making it your trusted companion for those wild adventures in the darkest trenches or the great outdoors. Its powerful 5W LED source ensures that you have a reliable and stable light source, guiding your way with clarity.Switch between the spotlight and floodlight modes effortlessly. The integrated mold design ensures that the light beam is small and round in the center, providing a high, even, and soft brightness in the periphery. This design also delivers extensive floodlight coverage, allowing you to see far and wide. Whether you need to focus on a specific spot or illuminate a wide area, the M17 has got you covered.Our design team has gone the extra mile to ensure that the M17 is not just a powerful tool but also comfortable to hold. The ergonomic design fits snugly in your hand, preventing hand fatigue during extended use. You can explore the dark without worrying about discomfort.Its highly transparent glass and 85mm large diameter light cup deliver crystal-clear lighting, ensuring you have a clear view of your surroundings. This searchlight is your trusty companion, no matter the weather, with an IP43 waterproof rating.The M17 features a rechargeable 18650 battery with a total capacity of 2400mAh, ensuring you have plenty of runtime for your adventures. With a 3.5-hour charging time, you can quickly recharge and head back into the night. The searchlight also offers 4 modes: Strong light, Low light, Strobe, and SOS, catering to various lighting needs.With a remarkable 350-meter irradiation distance, the M17 searchlight will light up even the darkest corners, helping you navigate safely through the wilderness or handle emergency situations with ease.

1.High Brightness for Dark Adventures

2.Spotlight & Floodlight: Versatility in One

3.Ergonomic Design for Comfort

4.Robust and Reliable Construction

5.Rechargeable and Long-Lasting


power source:5W



Net weight:325g


Charging time:3.5H



Charging port:Type-C

light color:White 

Battery capacity:18650/2*1200mAh

Modes:4modes(Strong light-Low light-Strobe-SOS)

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