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SUPERFIRE ML01 Medical Flashlight Penlight
Medical flashlights are usually used in surgeries or for checking oral problems.
Pen Flashlight
Light source 2835D65T2-VPD
Brightness 9.3Lumens
Power 0.5W
Material Aluminum alloy
Size 127*15*15mm
Net weight 27.4g
Power source 2 AAA battery
Runtime 7.5H
Distance 5m
Waterproof IP66
Modes 2modes(white light>yellow light)

SUPERFIRE ML01 Medical Flashlight Penlight

This exceptional medical flashlight is specifically designed for use in surgeries and various medical examinations, offering dual light sources to cater to different clinical needs.The ML01 features a dual light source design, incorporating both white and yellow lights. The white light provides clarity and precision, making it ideal for oral examinations, while the soft, yellow light is perfect for delicate eye examinations. This versatility ensures that the ML01 is a versatile tool for medical professionals.With professional optical design, this penlight guarantees accurate illumination that benefits medical workers and healthcare professionals, helping them make clear judgments and diagnoses. The high color rendering index ensures that the true colors of objects are faithfully restored, enhancing the accuracy of examinations and assessments.The ML01 Medical Flashlight is designed for the utmost convenience. Its pen clip design makes it easy to carry, fitting comfortably in your pocket just like a pen. It's lightweight and portable, ready to assist medical professionals on the go.Crafted from robust aluminum alloy, the ML01 is both compression-resistant and waterproof, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of daily use and challenging clinical environments.With two convenient modes, you can easily switch between white and yellow light to suit the specific needs of the examination. Whether you're an otolaryngologist, dentist, or ophthalmologist, this medical flashlight is a valuable addition to your toolkit.

1.Dual Light Source Design

2.Professional Optical Design

3.User-Friendly Features

4.Waterproof and Durable

5.Two Modes for Versatility

ML01 Medical Pen Flashlight Data Sheet
Light source2835D65T2-VPD 
Brightness9.3 lumens
Power 0.5w
Net Weight27.4g
Power SourceAAA battery
Runtime7.5 hours
Distance5 meters
Size 127mm*15mm*15mm
Modes 2modes (white light>yellow light)
Full setflashlight +4*AAA battery+ box

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