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The 5 Best Tactical Flashlights: Comparison and Guide
2021-04-06 18:44:51handler

The 5 Best Tactical Flashlights: Comparison and Guide

Tactical flashlights are used in combination with firearms when law enforcement needs to illuminate a dark area, so they can find their suspect. On other hand, they can be also used for self-defense and formal training.

Tactical flashlights as a weapon

Tactical flashlights are handheld and have some armor over them to help prevent damage to them in a use-case where a shooter has a limited time to react to a use of force. But, they’re still effective for their use in self-defense and in training. Compared to regular flashlights, tactical flashlights have high resistance against cuts, burns, and explosions (flash – flash is the most common explosive – never carry a light with an explosive inside). They also have a lot more off-grid capability than a regular flashlight – they can still be used without power.

The Types of Tactical Flashlights

There are various types of tactical flashlights. You can choose from the following categories: Lantern Tactical Flashlight Lantern flashlights are directional light sources that have no handle and are as small as a pen or pepper spray. They are easy to carry, which makes them perfect for travel and personal use. It’s handy for emergency situations, as it will provide an excellent signal to respond to emergencies. Lightweight and compact, it will be perfect for people who have little time. One issue with lantern tactical flashlights is that they have a narrow beam. Lantern flashlights are designed to show users where they are looking. Another benefit is that lantern tactical flashlights are visible up to 1,500 feet. They can serve as a target illumination as well.

Tactical Flashlights Comparison Chart

To help you decide which one is best for your needs, we have prepared a comparison chart below that helps you decide which tactical flashlight is best for you.


Water-Resistant, 5200mAh, 3.5 Hours Life, Rechargeable Lithium Battery, LED light.

5 Gears adjustable: Weak light, Medium light, Bloom, Strobe, SOS Signal light.


CREE Led, Non-Slip Handle, Long runtime;

Baseball Exterior Design,

Aluminum Alloy Hard Anodized.


Water-proof, CREE XML2, 18650 Li-ion Battery, USB Carging;

Portable Design: clip to clip on your belt or bag;

Tail Attacker help Escaping by breaking window;

5 brightness levels: High, Medium, Low, Strobe, SOS.


Self-defense lotus design, 280m Long Distance, High power LED;

5 brightness levels: High, Medium, Low, Strobe, SOS;

Intelligent cooling systems help protecting the battery;

Non-Slip Handle & Water-proof.


5 brightness levels: High, Medium, Low, Strobe, SOS;

Side light COB mode for reading, repairing, etc;

Anti-skid heat dissipation design;

Tactical Flashlights as a Self-Defense Tool

Lighted tactical flashlights can be used by anyone when it comes to self-defense. If you are not aware of that, then you need to know that using tactical flashlights and pointing them in the general direction of an attacker can make them think that you have a weapon. But this doesn’t mean that you will get a free pass to unleash the fury against them. You need to choose the best tactical flashlight that you are going to carry. If you can’t draw your firearm, you can still use the tactical flashlight in order to create a well-lit, hostile, and frightening location for the attacker. To protect yourself, you need to be prepared for every situation and you need to make sure that you always keep a tactical flashlight with you.

Tactical Flashlights as a Training Aid

Tactical flashlights are a very important part of your firearm training. Â They can make your training more realistic, while helping you focus on your firearm. To make the best out of your flashlights during training, consider some of the following factors: Sturdy handle: The most important thing is that your tactical flashlight should be very durable and that it can stand the tough demands of a gun fight. The most important thing is that your tactical flashlight should be very durable and that it can stand the tough demands of a gun fight. Smaller batteries: Also, you don’t want to be out for an hour without being able to turn on your flashlight. A good tactical flashlight should have high-capacity batteries that can run for up to 50 hours, or an even longer lasting backup battery.

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