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A Guide to Buying Custom Flashlights: What You Need to Know
2021-07-29 16:48:32handler

A Guide to Buying Custom Flashlights: What You Need to Know


We provide the service of custom flashlights for those who want to raise the popularity of their brand or get special products. Normally, there're several ways to help you realize this: engraved company logo on the flashlights or package, changes the flashlights' parameter, or creates fully new flashlights.


custom flashlights

Who May Need Custom Flashlights?

Custom flashlights can help increase sales of product or make those products more popular among consumers. We want to give you the best price for your custom flashlight and have limited number of devices. Thus, if you decide to go with our service, you should follow these simple steps to ensure success! First of all, you should decide on how your customized flashlight looks like and which kind of pakage are you interested.  According to your concept, we are ready to decide on the best method: engraving on plastic housing or stamping on aluminum housing, or on the main body. 

 custom flashlight package

(Package Design)

How to customize flashlights from us?

Here are the steps to customize a flashlight from us. If you’re just about to place your order, click here to contact us

1. Design your custom flashlight, First of all, tell us what the flashlight's goal is: for example, business, fun, hobby, or just for home security. You need to request demand by submitting a lead form. Then, check our items list for what the customer is interested in – think about the flashlight's characteristics, features, price, material, durability.

2. Send us your logo files, your own designs, or any other custom requirement for further evaluation, our sales will quote for you.

3. Wait for the design to be ready, we ask for your feedback and offer you suggestions to enhance the design. Let us know if the design looks too childish or if it's too small. After we have received the feedback from you, we will redesign the design and prepare a new version.   

custom flashlights

(Customized Flashlight Steps)

What kinds of flashlights do we provide?

We're special in that we can not only provide professional flashlight(custom tactical flashlight, cob work light, medical penlight), but also casual style(like mini pocket flashlight, fishing flashlight). Fully metal flashlights are the most typical flashlights you'll be able to buy in the market and are usually employed for a specific job. The most common are listed below:

F15 2000 Lumen Bulk Tactical Flashlights: this is one of the long-distance flashlights, which can get a beam throw up to 1000 meters. It features a digital display on the middle of the flashlight body and can show you display real-time Lumem, wattage, and temperature.

G19 COB Led Work Light:  this is our most popular flashlight with multi-functional designs, it can be used for normal work-led flashlights and is able to become headlights by the head strap. 

ML01 Medical Flashlight: Mini medical penlights are convenient for dentists, general practitioners, and surgeons. They are used to check mouth and throat, examine wounds, and assess pupil response.

GF01-A Fishing flashlight:  GF01 flashlight is top choice for the Fishing enthusiast, because it can last up to 12 hours and output different color lights beam. 

Prepared Your Imprinted logo or Slogan

You can get engraved on a branded flashlights. The process is pretty simple: you need to go to one of the vendor in the region you are looking to market, and give them the design you want on a piece of paper. Once it's confirmed, you send a physical sample of your flashlights. If you want to add text to the flashlights, the options are quite simple: you can purchase these from us, which will include us in the production process of the flashlights, or you can create your own. Creative Flashlights The custom flashlight market includes unusual and other products such as top hats, magnetic flashlights, illuminated everything, glow in the dark backpacks, tank tops, flashlight phone cases, and many more.

So, how can customizing flashlights help your business? It can help you get additional sales, by raising the sales of your logo or product.

Custom flashlights are a smart choice because you can turn it into a big sales momentum by creating great products. If you're in need of a hint, read our experience of creating flashlight with both custom and stock components. Different Ways to Design a Flashlight Some companies make only custom flashlights, which means they deliver the total made by the company in the style of their customers' request. Others prefer this scenario to the second: they order their customized flashlight from a manufacturer, and when it's ready, they'll make final touch-ups by themselves. 

More flashlight customization services:


Customized flashlight zoom function

The structure of the lamp head needs to be changed, which is more complicated, and there must be a suitable lens. For MOQ and sample fee, please contact the salesman for detailed information.


Customized flashlight power system structure

Adapter batteries for customized flashlights, only lithium batteries, only AA, AAA batteries, or compatible with both

The flashlight battery capacity can be customized, and batteries of different capacities can be configured according to customer needs

The flashlight charging method can be customized. It can be directly charged using the usb micro interface or the type-c interface, or it can be designed to take out the battery and use the battery charger to charge it.


Customized flashlight wick

The default wicks used by various products can be changed to CREE led wicks


Customized flashlight brightness

Changing the brightness can extend the life by reducing consumption or stimulate the maximum power to increase the brightness


Customized flashlight gear

To change the flashlight gear, you can choose one or more of these modes: Strong, Medium, Weak, Strobe, and SOS. Changing the gear requires changing the circuit and writing the program separately.


Custom flashlight appearance

Conventional shell colors such as black, orange, red, yellow, green, etc. can be made, or different materials can be used for the shell. For special shapes, you can contact the business for support.

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