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Superfire 2021 Best Selling flashlight. EDC flashlight,mini tactical flashlight
Light source P90
Output(MAX)1500 lumens
Power 36w
Battery 26650(3700mAh)
IP rating IP34
Power bank yes
Zoomable yes
Material aluminum
Net weight190g
Colour balck
Modes 5 modes front light(Low>Middle>High>Strobe>SOS)

X60-T MINI Military Tactical Flashlight

Military-grade tactical flashlights are like nothing you've ever seen before. They're durable and emit more light than your average flashlight. They may not be the most stylish solution, but they'll get the job done! They're widely used for police, emergencies, power bank, vehicle accessories, and so on.  

Our X60-T tactical flashlight comes with aluminum alloy and high toughness, and you can see our video to verify this: rolling test by truck on the flashlight, you'll be surprised by the premium quality. In other wide, the pocket size (15.8*4.1cm) makes it convenient for you to take it outside.

Direction for Use

1. Turn on/off: Press the switch for 2-3 seconds to power on/off and switch mode.

2. Switch modes: Press the switch again to change the mode as the sequences, product strong light-medium light weak light-strobe SOS-shut down.

3. Charging: When the indicator light turns red or blinked red etc, flashlights should be recharged immediately.The indicator light can be found around or at the position of the switch button.


  • Lithium battery: all our batteries passed the UN38.3 test, stored for 6 hours under the test temperature of -40~72℃, and have no leakage, no deflation, no disassembly, and no rupture.

  • Low-pressure shutdown: the circuit will be automatically shut down when the flashlight voltage value is lower than the preset start value.

  • Anti-reverse connection: in order to protect the battery and the circuit, we have designed an anti-reverse connection protection circuit for the power supply.

  • USB charge: X60-T flashlight can be fully charged in 4 hours by USB.

  • Charging indicator: when the flashlight is charging, the indicator light is red, and green when fully charged.

  • Over-discharge prevention: the protection board will prevent the discharge when the battery voltage is lower than the over-discharge detection voltage threshold.

  • Anti-overcharge: the control circuit of the lithium battery will be automatically cut off when the battery is overcharged.

  • 1.Multi-Modes light(Low>Middle>High>Strobe>SOS) for differenet occasions.

  • 2.Long distance up to 300 meters.

  • 3.Higher brightness, high power.

  • 4.Spotlight & floodlight options.

  • 5.USB port input and power bank output.

  • 6.Small size for pocket taking.

  • 7.Storm-level waterproof.

  • 8.High-intensity lamp body for self-defense.

  • 9.Pocket clip to prevent slipping.


X60-T Zoomable flashlight Data Sheet
Light sourceP90
Theoretical brightness3000 lm
Brightness 1500 lumens 
Power source26650(3700mAh)
Net weight190g 
Runtime2-8 hours
IP ratingIP34
Modes5 modes (strong light, weak light, medium light, strobe light, SOS light)

Note/Pay Attention to

1. Do not disassemble or modify the product privately, so as not to damage the product;

2. When the product is left unused for a long time, please place it in a normal temperature, dry and well-ventilated place;

3. Do not irradiate human eyes to avoid eye damage, especially children;

4. Pay attention to the product's waterproof, moisture-proof, drop-proof, etc. Do not drop, bump, or hit the product.

Product Reviews

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  United States5.0 out of 5 stars
23 Feb 2018
This X60-T flashlight is particularly bright, and the zoom function can be used in different occasions. The battery is 26650, low brightness can be used for more than four hours. It is also very convenient to charge it, and there is a charging indicator.
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